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Repurposed Photo Slides aka Fake Stained Glass

I finally broke into my stash of vintage slides. They are slides I’ve been collecting, one thrift shop visit at a time, for years.

I sorted through thousands of slides and chose all of the landscapes, and proceeded to stick them directly to the window with double-stick tape.  After running out of double-stick tape, I switched to photo mounting squares from my never rarely used scrapbooking hoard.  The little white backings from the sticky squares were EVERYWHERE.  Running to the store for more tape would have been wiser, I think, but I am an impatient creator and wanted to see the finished product sooner than later.  It took several hours, 968 slides, and a whole lot of sticky stuff and I’m in love…”That’s what she said”.

Outside view at night.

Inside view during the day.

They paint the walls and my desk.  It makes my heart smile.

I love making fake stained glass.


So much for my photo a day idea.  How about let’s try no rules?  I like that.


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Happy 2nd Birthday Simplywe!

I’m supposed to be doing my homework, so naturally I am using this time to check my email, fb and simplywe.  And though I wish I was still doing my homework and didn’t have the attention span of a gnat, I’m glad I checked because I almost missed Simplywe’s birthday!  SW came to be 2 years ago today!

I have been so busy with everything else in my life, I didn’t plan anything.  This should be where I put a montage of some of my favorite photos, but if I get lost in looking at old photos now, I’ll never do my homework.  I must fight the procrastination…clearly I am not as successful as I would like.

So instead I will share hiking photos, and a few from my solo trip to Prescott.

I took all of these with my iPhone, as I sent my Canon to Keegan in Germany.  I think he will get more use out of it than I will, since I haven’t used it in months.  The iPhone is so much more convenient.

These 1st 3 are from my trip to Prescott.

It rained and rained and rained the whole time I was there, mostly misty rain.  It was beautiful.  The fog was intense.  This fog was at 4 in the afternoon.

This one is from the hike we took at orientation.  How many colleges go on a hike as part of orientation?  I think I have chosen wisely.

The other weekend Der and I took a 5.2 mile hike in Tucson Mountain Park.

These are from our new favorite part of the park.

I don’t know why this one is so grainy, but I sure do love that guy!

The small upcropping of buildings, in the far off distance, is downtown Tucson.

Der and I make a good hiking team.

The rest of these are from various hiking trips.

Bug loves her hikes.

I’ve painted several batches of rocks and left them in random places on the trail.

I like to imagine the finders curious smile when they wonder who did that.

Happy Birthday Simplywe!

I heart Tucson!



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Paper Art

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love making stuff with paper.

Recently I was wondering why that is and that’s when I started remembering some of the things I made as a kid.  Once I made an indian (that was before we were taught they are native americans) costume with paper grocery bags that I cut into faux leather clothes.  With one bag I cut a hole out of the bottom for my head and arm holes out of the sides.  I then cut the front of the bag, creating a vest look and cut the bottom into strips aka fringe.  I turned another bag into a skirt and gave it fringe too.

I also made a robot costume out of paper bags, but don’t remember my process.

In later years I would use construction paper to make 3 dimensional buildings.  I would staple, glue and tape the paper to make walls with functioning windows and doors and would construct little furniture out of paper.

Right after Derek and I got married (almost 18 years ago) I would sit for hours constructing 3D vases full of flowers, using only construction paper and glue.

So it seems I have been in love with paper for a very long time.

Here are some of my latest creations:

Paper flowers (different than the ones I made for vases).  The one above is made from an old dictionary page, the ones below are from card stock.  I made a friend a string of them as a thank you gift.

I saw this rainbow on Pinterest (follow me).  The directions were in a foreign language, but I was able to figure it out from the photos.

Who doesn’t love rainbows?

I saw this heart garland on Pinterest as well.  It’s super easy and fun to make.  Jeremia wants me to make wreaths out of it.  I love when the boys give me ideas and suggestions.  Igniting their passions to create is just one of the many perks of being a parent.

I urge you all to do something creative every chance you get.  It’s good for your soul!


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Hidden Hearts

I love hearts, more specifically, I love finding hearts.

Here’s a heart I found in my sandwich a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Instagram for helping me commemorate the awesome pepper!

A while back I discovered that dried out Yucca seed pods look like hearts when separated, so I took to fiddling with them.

The one in the middle is my favorite by far.  Not pictured are the 20 others that I varnished and glittered and one that I turned into a necklace.  I know I’ve said it repeatedly, but there just isn’t enough time to experiment and create all of the things that are bouncing around in my head.

Finding “hidden” hearts make me positively giddy and I have been known to squeal like a little girl, when I see one.  It has caught on with Der and the boys, for whenever they see one they point it out, because they know it will make my day.


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As you may have noticed, I have not been posting.  I want to quit blogging for a bit.  I have tons of blog ideas, but just am not motivated to post them.  I am tired of thinking about life in terms of blogable moments.  When it stops being fun and starts feeling like a chore, that’s when I check out.  There are so many truly great blogs out there that will happily welcome you to their little chunk of the internet.

I don’t know if I will be back in a week, a month, or even a year.  I will come back if I miss it badly enough…I won’t if I don’t.  Thank you all for coming back time after time, for emailing me, for leaving comments, and for cheering me on.  There is no way to express how wonderful you have all made me feel.  I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness. xoxo

Here are some fantastic blogs to fill your free time.  Be careful though, they are addicting.

Geninne is a very talented artist who shares her wonderful photo skills and gorgeously sweet art at this  quick photo blog.

For some humorous nonsense check out Jenny Larson, The Bloggess, she happily shares her bucket of crazy and I love it.

 Meg Duerksen over at Whatever is fabulous.  She is a normal everyday mom, raising her 5 kids in fantastic art filled, thrifted, crafty gloriousness. 

Pioneer Woman is a blogging superstar.  I don’t know how she fits so much into each day.  Check her blog out for some delish down home/sophisticated cooking and for a sneak peak at ranch living…there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure!

Head on over to the Artful Parent for some serious kid craft inspiration.  A bunch of her craft ideas are on my to-do-in-the-near-future list.


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Rainbow Paper Suncatchers

I freehand cut blue sheets of paper into clouds.  Then I cut their centers out.  I cut 2 at a time, so there would be twins that we could stack to match.

After cutting tissue paper into thick strips, I gave each boy 1 in every color.

Conrad’s friend, Gavin, was over again and was happy to make one too.

The photo’s pretty self-explanatory, but you outline the cloud with glue and overlap your tissue paper on each previous piece.  We made sure to leave plenty of tissue hanging out the bottom of the cloud.

As you can see we used white glue, but glue stick would have been better.

If you look closely at the tops of the clouds, you can see the hanging string we glued to the tops, in-between the paper.

The cloud shape is clearly visible through the tissue paper, so it was easy to see where to put the next layer of glue, in order to attach the twin cloud.

The boys gently tore any tissue poking out of the top.  Scissors would have created a cleaner edge, but this way was much faster.

Rainbows are so happy!  I love them!

I also love how the different colored paper overlapped creates new colors.  It was a makeshift course in color theory for the boys.

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How To Make a Kinetic Mobile

Today was the last day of school for the boys.

Over the past week, I helped them make mobiles, as thank you gifts for their teachers.

I love the expression on Conrad’s face.

Before I could help them make mobiles, I had to learn how to make one myself.

A google search turned up this video from OliARt over at Bigredhat.com. Oli and her brothers do some really cool stuff.  You should definitely check these kids out.  They are having amazing adventures.

Thanks to adorable Oli I could now show the boys how to make a mobile.

Here’s what we did.

First we soaked wooden dowels over night and slid them in chair slats to make them curve.

After they were dry, the boys got to have their first lesson with a dremel, and they drilled holes.

They got 5 dowels each and drilled a hole 1/4″  away from the edge on 4 dowels and another hole about 4″ in on all 5 of the dowels.

I know they look ticked off, but they’re really very focussed.  I assure you they’re having fun.  I mean who doesn’t love power tools?!

We used an extra Scrabble game lid to protect the table from the dremel.  It was perfect because the drill would go through it, but wasn’t long enough to come in contact with the table.

After the holes were all drilled, I painted the dowels with white spray paint.

Because we were in a bit of a time crunch (can you say procrastination?), I assembled the mobiles.  The boys want to make mobiles for their rooms now.  When they make those, they’ll do the assembling.

Here’s what I used to assemble them.

I snipped of 2″ bits of wire and created 9 total loops, per mobile, like this:

For each mobile I made 4 loops without a swivel and 5 loops with a swivel, making sure to have the latch end dangle down.

Then I poked them through the drilled holes, careful that they were facing the right direction-meaning I wanted the loops without swivels to be pointing up, on the top of the curve, toward the middle of the dowel, and the loops with swivels to be facing down, on the underside of the cure, at the end of the dowel.

I wrapped the wire around the dowel like so.

They should look like this except this one I forgot to add the swivel on the left loop and had to take it apart  to add it.

The top dowel needs something to hang it from so I used a key ring attached to a swivel.

Then I lined them up and connected them.

I hope my instructions aren’t too confusing.  If you have question, email me and I will do my best to help.

After I had them all assembled I brought them in the house and hung them from  some open shelves we have.  I used temporary 3M hooks, which were a brilliant invention by the way.

We did this part inside because the clay needs to dry slowly (so it won’t crack) and with the 100+ temperature outside they would have dried too quickly.

Starting from the bottom, working their way up, they each put clay on the ends until they balanced.  This was a fun physics lesson for them.  They had to add and subtract clay depending on how the dowel balanced.

After they had them balanced, they took one piece of clay off at a time, rolled them into nice ball shapes and put them back on.

Then, with two largish leaves, they pressed the balls flat, creating leaf impressions.

We let them hang overnight to dry.

After they dried, I checked each piece of clay to make sure they were still secure to the dowels.  For the ones that weren’t, I glued them in place.

Then it was time to paint.

I mixed up a rainbows worth of colors and taped the dowels around the clay, with painters tape.

I pulled them out of the pool to paint, hence the lack of shirts and willy-nilly hair.

Each color of paint had it’s own paintbrush, so the colors wouldn’t get mixed.

It was so hot outside, the paint dried almost instantly.

I think they turned out great. They were definitely a big hit with their teachers.


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