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My happy little Moon cacti.

They sit right outside my kitchen window.  I loved them already, but when I googled them to see what they were called, I fell deeper.

We used to call Benny “Moonie”, Der always called him “Moonman” and I sometimes called him “Mooniebird”.  Truthfully he had a ton of nicknames, but this one stuck because his head was perfectly round and reminded Der of the moon.

Now whenever I stand at the kitchen sink and see these beauties, I will think of our beautiful Mr. Moon.

Oh how I miss rubbing that gorgeous noggin.


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Another quick visit to San Xavier Mission

It’s so gorgeous and we live so close that it’s fun to pop by every once in a while.

I took these shots before it started to cool down.  Another trip may be in order since the weather is so amazing now.





Can you tell I love that wrought iron fence?

Have a great day everyone.

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