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I have been saving these photos to share for 2 months.

I don’t have the energy to be melodramatic and express how insanely busy my life currently is.

Self induced, organized? chaos.

So instead of all that, I thought I would share my photos and we can take a moment just to breath and think happy thoughts.  We don’t take nearly enough of those kinds of moments.

I made these Junkmail/magazine snowflakes and hung them in January to add bright winter cheer.

We took a trip to Ben’s Bells and painted beads.

Conrad’s note he wrote for Newtown, CT.

We launched more rockets.  Everybody got a turn to launch their own.

I love my life.

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Ben’s Bells

If you don’t know the story of Ben’s Bells you should click here.

I have wanted a Ben’s Bell since I found out about them.

Twice a year volunteers hang these signature bells randomly around Tucson for passersby to find and keep. They are in memory of a little boy name Ben (I have a soft spot for Bens) and serve as a reminder that we should be kind just for the sake of it.

I found one.  Not where I imagined I would, but at Goodwill. Though I have no idea why anyone would want to get rid of their bell, I was happy to snatch it up.  I may have even gasped, but that could also be because I saw it as I was tripping into the display of windchimes where it was buried.


Now it hangs happily on our back porch.

I love it.  I love it.  I love it.


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