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Another Teenager! Oh My!

Today is Jeremia’s 13th birthday.  Derek took Jeremia and one of his friends from school go-cart racing, laser tagging, and arcading, yesterday. He got an evening away from his younger brothers. That was a priceless gift, but also meant I stayed home with the young’ns, and so no photos.

Today he took munchkin donuts to share at school, picked what was for dinner (steak, green beans and angel hair pasta), opened presents, and had homemade carrot cake.  Der drew a Halo character on it for him.

I was too lazy to take a proper photo of the cake so now we have this weird photo and it looks like the cake is about to fall.

The reflection of the candles gives his hair frosted tips.

Happy Birthday Jeremia!

We love you madly and can’t imagine life without you!  Thanks for being such a great kid!

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Tape Thank You Cards

With Ami’s birthday in June we had some thank you cards to send out.

We worked on them in shifts over a 3 day period.

Ami gets super whiny if he has to write more than 2 sentences in 1 sitting.  He’s in for a rude awakening, when he starts first grade, but for now, I’m choosing to pick my battles.  I want him to think of writing thank you cards as something fun, not a chore.

I had him write his thank yous on lined paper.

Later I cut them out and we used glue stick to attach them to the inside of each card.

The cards were different colors of card stock folded in half.

I found this cute rainbow duct tape in a half roll.  We still have tons left.

Ami absolutely loved the taping part.

I made him a sample one for reference.  Then I cut off pieces of tape and handed them to him for him to stick down.

Also pictured is Conrad’s page of practice words from our weekly spelling test.

Please forgive the bad flash photography.  I definitely prefer taking photos in natural light, but we’ve been so busy nighttime was the only time we had to do this.

He was super proud of the finished product!

I could gobble him up, he’s so cute!

The finished cards fit perfectly in half size manilla envelopes.  I found a package of 6 in white at the dollar store.




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Ami Turns 6

Ami’s birthday was last week.   The morning of, he wondered aloud who all was going to come for his birthday.  Confused, I asked him what he meant, and reminded him it was just going to be the 5 of us.  He said he’d invited everyone in his class on the last day of school.  Uh Oh!  I told him that they didn’t know when it was and he assured me he told them all it was June, 14th.  Oh my sweet, sweet little boy.  We had a discussion about invitations, and how parents needed things written down so they would know when and where.  He took it pretty well, but my heart was broken for him.

So we took a surprise trip to the pool.  Swimming makes everything better.

When it came time to decide what he wanted for dinner, he was torn between Texas Roadhouse and Golden Corral Buffet.   It’s a hard call which is cooler, the all you can eat dessert that Golden Corral offers, or the fact that you can throw peanut shells on the floor at Texas Roadhouse.  Dessert won.

All you can eat cotton candy is a great incentive to eat all of your vegetables!

I can’t help but wonder when Ami and Conrad will stop using their shirts for napkins.

Sugar overload!  And I’ll take a rain-check on that kiss thank-you-very-much!

After we were all sugared up, it was time for games, lots and lots of video games!

Those eyes!  Those lashes!  Those apple cheeks! That toothless grin!

I love his face!

It was a great day to turn 6!




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Saturday was what would have been Benny’s 11th Birthday.

We kept it low-key.  Derek baked strawberry cupcakes and I decorated them with hearts, B’s, and piggies.  My cake decorating skills could use some help, but I think Benny would have liked them just the same.

Please forgive the bad photos.

We visited my mom.  She has a pond in her retirement community and there are tons of baby ducks right now.  The boys caught some and we all got a chance to hold one.  I had to use serious self-control not to put one or twelve in my purse.

Jeremia was there too, but he wasn’t up for having his picture taken.

Nothing makes me happy like holding baby animals.

Derek found a nest that had blown out of a tree.  I now have 3.

Then we spent some time with my sister and her family.  The boys LOVE their house and not just because they have a pool.

Uncle Craig launched Conrad into the air. C-rad kept saying “again, again”.


We’re lucky enough to have Piper for a visit again.  I love the look on her face.

Not a day goes by that the boys don’t make me laugh one way or another.

It would have been easy to lay around and feel sorry for myself, because Benny should be here.  He’s not and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.  Instead of wallowing, we had adventures, did family stuff and had fun.  I think it’s how Benny would want it.

Never forget-Boy that Benny sure is cute!

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Pity Party Complete

I slept super late.  Hid from the world.  Cried periodically through the day.  Held a mini pity party.  Let myself feel what I needed to feel without scolding or judging.  Stayed under my rock for a little bit and then came out to enjoy a nice evening with my family and our dear friend Greb, who took us out to dinner.  Thanks Greb!

I received tons of sweet birthday wishes, with words of warmth and kindness, from friends and family and feel accepted and loved.

Thanks to Der and the boys for my awesome new bicycle!

Der made me a delicious carrot cake and amused me with his creativity.  I just love creative minds!

I love the banner.  It’s simple and sweet and I know it was made with lots of love.  It’s a piece of card stock taped to a drinking straw and stuck in the cake.  I think that’s brilliant!

I am a very lucky girl!


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Conrad’s 7th Birthday!

Conrad and I had a little impromptu photo shoot on Tuesday, which also happened to be his birthday.  I should try to remember to do this with all of the boys.  It was fun.



Such an adorable little duck.


Classic Conrad.


Conrad is quirky, funny, talkative, energetic, and very matter of fact.  He eats his cereal with a fork and slurps his milk after.  He has a rationalization for just about everything and he makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out daily.




His presents consisted of Nerf and Lego Starwars and cash which he will undoubtedly spend on more of the aforementioned items.

He chose Golden Coral for dinner.  I generally try to avoid buffets, because I have issues with not knowing other peoples hand washing practices.  That’s my problem, not his, so I sucked it up and tried not to think about it. Since the Coral has dessert we agreed to do cake the next day.

For his cake he chose funfetti cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.




Here he pauses to ask what the proper birthday wish protocol is. “Do you wish before, after or while you’re blowing the candles out?”



After all that thought, he finally blew the candles out 0ne-at-a-time.  Then he said “Awe man!  I forgot to make my wish.”  We told him it would still count if he hurried up and made it.  What a goofball!

In other news, I forgot to update that Ami is doing well.  He went back to school yesterday and seems to be almost back to normal.  We still have to keep him away from crunchy/sharp food for another week. He hasn’t had any apnea, that I have seen, since the surgery.  This makes me so very happy!


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