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Poor Unfortunate Souls

Pillow Petz

They are pure dirt balls and do not belong in my bed, but they were too cute and pitiful to kick out.

Bug paid penance later…

Her’s so abused.

She was compliant, but bored.

Oh, but I do lover her

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Oh That Face!

Oh my gawsh!  How I love them!

*Side note:  I can’t stand our ugly tile.  It always looks filthy.  I want stained concrete, but underneath that gross stuff is even nastier asbestos tile…so it stays…for now.

Nap time.  It’s hard being that flurpy!

If she weren’t so gross, I could eat that face!


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Couldn’t you just gobble them up?

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Bad Bug’s Bee Buffet

Ok so buffet indicates more than one was involved, but bad Bug’s bee Buffet sounds cooler that Bug eats bee.


Her poor little cheek swelled up something fierce. She was her normal flurpy durpy self, meaning she was playing and eating everything in site as per usual.


She just looked pitiful.  Luckily all was back to normal the next day. I wonder if she will eat the next one she comes across.  Knowing her…yes!


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This Bug’s Life

Bug is a pill.  She is the hardest dog we’ve ever had to potty train.  She eats everything.  She is a big chicken, afraid of her own shadow.  She doesn’t really come when she’s called, unless food is involved.  All that said and we love her to pieces.  She is super entertaining and between her bug eyes, her sound effects and her wild and crazy antics she is always good for a laugh.

Bug and Nilla play all day, everyday with small breaks for recharging in between.

Though I supply lots of toys to keep them entertained, much like kids, it’s the simplest things that they seem to like the most.

Today’s favorite toy was a stick.

Bug wins the stick fair and square and protects her stick from the evil stick stealer, Nilla.  Bug lets Nilla know what’s up.

“This is my stick.” Bug waits and watches to ensure Nilla isn’t trying some sort of stealth maneuver.

Being a smallish dog with a very squished face, she takes a moment to catch her breath.

Maybe another moment or two.

and “Look at my stick Mom!  Isn’t it awesome?”

and then “Die, stick, Die!”


but “Wait…..Is that…..My boy?!”

“Who needs a dumb ole’ stick when you’ve got your boy?!”


She will stop just about anything to be with her boy.   They are like PB & J!  Happiest together.

If Conrad gets hurt or if anyone raises their voice at him, Bug barks nervously until she is certain her boy is ok. She loves him so!



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