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Another Teenager! Oh My!

Today is Jeremia’s 13th birthday.  Derek took Jeremia and one of his friends from school go-cart racing, laser tagging, and arcading, yesterday. He got an evening away from his younger brothers. That was a priceless gift, but also meant I stayed home with the young’ns, and so no photos.

Today he took munchkin donuts to share at school, picked what was for dinner (steak, green beans and angel hair pasta), opened presents, and had homemade carrot cake.  Der drew a Halo character on it for him.

I was too lazy to take a proper photo of the cake so now we have this weird photo and it looks like the cake is about to fall.

The reflection of the candles gives his hair frosted tips.

Happy Birthday Jeremia!

We love you madly and can’t imagine life without you!  Thanks for being such a great kid!

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Pity Party Complete

I slept super late.  Hid from the world.  Cried periodically through the day.  Held a mini pity party.  Let myself feel what I needed to feel without scolding or judging.  Stayed under my rock for a little bit and then came out to enjoy a nice evening with my family and our dear friend Greb, who took us out to dinner.  Thanks Greb!

I received tons of sweet birthday wishes, with words of warmth and kindness, from friends and family and feel accepted and loved.

Thanks to Der and the boys for my awesome new bicycle!

Der made me a delicious carrot cake and amused me with his creativity.  I just love creative minds!

I love the banner.  It’s simple and sweet and I know it was made with lots of love.  It’s a piece of card stock taped to a drinking straw and stuck in the cake.  I think that’s brilliant!

I am a very lucky girl!


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