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I Dub Thee, Gigantor!

Gigantor! with and exclamation point because he was easily the largest grasshopper I’ve ever seen.

He was seriously huge.  And super handsome.  The undersides of his wings were vibrant pink!

Der, Conrad, and I took turns holding him, I don’t think he cared for it.

I love Conrad’s expression, when the grasshopper leapt off of his shoulder.

He was super excited and also a little freaked out.

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These photos are not as crisp as I would like, but they were too priceless not to share.

Conrad really wants to be a DJ/dancer when he grows up, and Ami wants to do whatever Conrad is doing.

Ami is wearing the plastic gold medal he got from the dentist.  He LOVES that thing!

And Conrad just learned how to do the Star Trek hand thing.  Every time he does it he says “PEACE”.

Oh my boys!


You should see their dance moves!  Ami does an amazing robot and Conrad has some serious foot action.  I would enroll them both in dance classes, if there were any even remotely close to us, but alas I have yet to find any.


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Fun Find

A whopping 3 bucks is what this cost me.

Not only is it cool looking, it’s fun to play with.  Now I just need to find a fun, brightly colored, vintage typewriter for cheap.  My eyes are pealed

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