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As you may have noticed, I have not been posting.  I want to quit blogging for a bit.  I have tons of blog ideas, but just am not motivated to post them.  I am tired of thinking about life in terms of blogable moments.  When it stops being fun and starts feeling like a chore, that’s when I check out.  There are so many truly great blogs out there that will happily welcome you to their little chunk of the internet.

I don’t know if I will be back in a week, a month, or even a year.  I will come back if I miss it badly enough…I won’t if I don’t.  Thank you all for coming back time after time, for emailing me, for leaving comments, and for cheering me on.  There is no way to express how wonderful you have all made me feel.  I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness. xoxo

Here are some fantastic blogs to fill your free time.  Be careful though, they are addicting.

Geninne is a very talented artist who shares her wonderful photo skills and gorgeously sweet art at this  quick photo blog.

For some humorous nonsense check out Jenny Larson, The Bloggess, she happily shares her bucket of crazy and I love it.

 Meg Duerksen over at Whatever is fabulous.  She is a normal everyday mom, raising her 5 kids in fantastic art filled, thrifted, crafty gloriousness. 

Pioneer Woman is a blogging superstar.  I don’t know how she fits so much into each day.  Check her blog out for some delish down home/sophisticated cooking and for a sneak peak at ranch living…there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure!

Head on over to the Artful Parent for some serious kid craft inspiration.  A bunch of her craft ideas are on my to-do-in-the-near-future list.


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A Different Kind Of Paper Airplane

All you need is,

Paper (cut into strips)

Plastic straws



I found some extra-long straws at the dollar store, but regular size ones work too.

I cut the paper into 1″ strips lengthwise with my paper-cutter, for the rear loop.  The front loop is long strips cut in half, and the middle one is somewhere between the 2.

Then you just tape the loops.  Don’t block the straw hole, or tape it so tight that the straw collapses.

Conrad’s friend, Gavin, was over for the day and was happy to make planes too.

They only take a minute to make.  The boys quickly decided bigger’s better.

They went from being little planes to being ships.

Big or small, they glide through the air quite nicely.  These would be fun to launch off of something tall so they could have a longer drift time.


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Keepin’ It Real

I saw this Pin on Pinterest and was inspired.

Looks like fun!

Click on pic to see original project.

That project consists of putting glue on a sheet of projector transparency, adding dye to it, then letting it run and dry.

Months ago I had added food coloring to different bottles of Elmer’s glue and had been waiting for the perfect project to use the pretty colored glue.  I saw the above pin just before our camping trip a few weeks back and thought it would be a great camping craft and a great way to use the colored glue.  The problem was that I knew it would take awhile to dry and drying art doesn’t travel well.  My solution was to sandwich the glue between two transparencies.  That way we could stack them for the drive home.

The boys each created their designs.

Jeremia added glitter to his.

We put a transparency over the top causing the glue to smoosh together.  It was really fun and cool to watch.

We made a bunch of them.

When we packed up to go home, they were still wet, but we had expected that.  I carefully stacked them for the trip home.

When we got home I punched holes in the corner of each sheet and hung them outside to finish drying.

Weeks later they are still wet and look kinda gross.

Now I feel like a dummy for thinking they would dry, since clearly the glue needs airflow to dry.

We still have tons of transparencies and glue so we will try this again without sandwiching the sheets.

I thought you’d like to see that not all of my ideas work out.




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