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Playing around with a black piece of construction paper that I punched a heart out of, and Instogram.

Owls are perfectly awesome!  The cuteness gushes off of them.

I want to do this again, with all sorts of stuff.  I just need to make time.

I have been CRAZY busy with being President of Booster Club at Ami and Conrad’s school.  With as much time as I’ve been spending at the school, I just have to say, I’m in love.  Today I got to help 1st graders make Gingerbread cookies, and taught them how to sew gingerbread dolls!  I know people think I’m crazy for wanting to become a teacher, but I just can’t help myself.  I’ve decided to get my Bachelors in elementary education.  It feels good to finally’ve made a decision.  I hope I don’t flake out.


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Brace Yourself

Jeremia got braces!

He looks so adorable.  Gold was his color of choice.  Der was worried JP would end up looking like Lil’ Wayne!  That, thankfully, isn’t the case.

I can barely stand the cuteness!


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Easy Homemade Stickers

Due to my old broken book fetish, and general love of all things paper, I have accumulated quite the collection of paper.  As you all know I have made beads, bowls, jewelry, creatures, and more with my abundant paper supply.  I am always on the lookout for what else I can make with my medium of choice.  Recently I came upon someone with handmade stickers made using vintage maps.  I got to thinking how I could make my own.

Here’s what I used:

Cute, fun, or interesting paper

Full sheet sticker labels-These can be pricey.  I luckily had some leftover from fundraising projects we did years ago.

Die punches- These can also be spendy.  To save fundage on these I waited until they went on sale at Michael’s for 50% off.

A glue stick *Edit*  I have discovered that rubber cement is much more reliable.  With the glue stick there is a 50/50 chance it will give out.  No matter what glue you use, it is imperative to peel the sticker away from the backing slowly and carefully.

First, I cut the sticker paper to size with my chosen paper.

Next, I thoroughly coated the back of my paper with glue, being careful to cover the entire thing.

Then, I slowly smoothed the glued side of the paper onto the label, pressing firmly.

Finally, I punched out my shape.

Voila!  A one of a kind, super cute sticker was born!

And then I kept going…

and going…

and going.

I was unstoppable.

These are going to go on the summer craft list for the boys.  I know we have some chewed up Dr. Suess books, courtesy of a certain rotten dog named Bug, that would lend themselves nicely to fun stickers for the boys.

If you like the stickers, but don’t want to fuss with making them, check out my Etsy shop and buy some for yourself.  Each sticker is guaranteed to be a one of a kind.  They would be great for letter seals, scrapbooking or just adding cuteness to any old thing.

AND, because I love you, I will be giving away 30 stickers to a random commenter.  So leave a comment and you could be 30 stickers richer by the end of the week!  Don’t be shy, you know you want them!

You have until midnight Wednesday, May 9th to enter.  I will use a random number generator to choose the winner and announce it on Thursday.

Good luck and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

Shout out to the “Hunger Games” for being a good read and super quotable.

** Update 5/9/12 

I’ve decided to extend the timeline for the sticker giveaway.  You now have until midnight, May 14th to enter.  This will allow late readers time to enter.  I’ll announce the wiener (snort, snort) Tuesday the 15th.   Don’t think that you can’t enter to win just because we know each other.  So far I know at least 50% of my readers on some level.  Some of you are old friends from school, some are cancer world friends, some are family-don’t let that stop you.  The winner will be chosen at random.   Oh and don’t worry, commenting doesn’t sign you up for mailing lists or any other such nonsense.  And free stuff is always awesome, soooo enter, enter, enter!


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Problem Solved….For Now

I’ve been looking for the perfect vintage suitcase ever since I saw someone turn one into a dog bed.  I finally found one for a whopping 2 bucks at St Vincent De Paul the other day.


I plopped it on the floor and put one of the dogs old beds in it, with plans to do a full up-cycle just as soon as I get around to it.


Enter- bad dog.  She is an idiot.  A lovable, irresistible, cute idiot, but an idiot none-the-less.

I caught her nibbling on the corner of the case today.  I scolded her, gave her one of her chew toys as a distraction, walked out of the room for 2 seconds and came back to her gnawing on it again.


My first thought was chili powder because that’s what my mom uses to keep animals from chewing on stuff.  But I didn’t want to make a paste that might stain the suitcase.

Aha! Problem,  meet solution.

Masking tape!


I made a loop of tape, sticky side out, and secured it to the delicious corner with more tape.  Then I dumped chili powder on it.  (I made a bit of a mess, but that’s what vacuums are for.)


El-dork-o kept trying to get at the corner while I was creating my deterrent, but when I poured the powder on she quickly lost interest.


That’s her sad-why’d-you-take-my-chewy-away-face.

Now if I could just coat all of the kids unattended toys, crayons, library books and underwear with chili powder life would be grand.


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Gifts From Afar

The boys just got a package in the mail from one of their past nannies, Melissa. She sent them these cute outfits.


So glad we painted the fence.  It makes the perfect backdrop.


Could they be any cuter?



They make me so happy.


Betcha can’t guess where Melissa’s from.

Thanks Melis!  It was the perfect reason for a photo shoot.


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