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Random Photos

One of Ami’s creations with the word board I made.  I hadn’t expected them to draw with the magnets, but am thrilled they do! They all do it, but Ami does it the most often. It makes me smile every time I walk past and see another creation.

I love that man!

Sandy and Donny are all grown  up.

This is from this summer.  We got to have lunch with one of our favorite people!  We love you, Burr!

Awesome $15  thrift store find!  It is heavy duty and they all rock it!

Even the biggest kid!

A rare moment of affection from this summer.  They are usually too busy bickering, to hug each other.  They were waiting for their Hip Hop class to start.  They love that class!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

I have been super busy and have all sorts of ideas to keep me even busier.  Oi!



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The last of the Pinetop photos

We were playing a cool monster/dice/drawing game while simultaneously enjoying the beautiful Pinetop weather.   You roll a die 6 times and draw the corresponding monster body parts.  I know this is where I should show you the finished monsters, but I don’t have photos of them.  I do encourage you to go draw your own though.  Find the printable here.

Boy that sun sure was bright!

Two things you should know about Ami are he loves ducks, and he almost always has food on his shirt, face, or both.

Ignore the glaring sun and smile boys 🙂

No trip up north would be complete without roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Or as Ami likes to call it, “fishing for marshmallows”.

Notice the food on his face, but to be fair, I think we all had food on our face at this point.

This photo made me do a double take when I downloaded it.  Even though I took it and I knew Keegan wasn’t on our trip, I thought this was Keeg at first…and then I realized it was our man-boy Jeremia.  No matter how much you think you are soaking up your kids when they are young, it’s never enough, they still always grow too fast.

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More Fun With Instagram

Donny is almost all grown up.  His voice is changing and every time I hear him half chirp, half quack, I think of Peter Brady’s “When it’s time to change.” song, from the Brady Bunch.  P.S.  When I was little, I wanted to live with the Brady family SOOOOO bad.

His little nubby wings are starting to get real feathers.  I can’t help but think that this looks like an uncomfortable process.  It has to hurt.

I adore watercolors!  They make me happy and fill me with the desire to get my art on.

Arizona sunsets are unbeatable!  So are desert trail bike rides! (not pictured)

I love the perspective of this shot.  I had my phone laying on the ground, angled ever-so-slightly up.  Ami’s serious expression is my favorite.

Happy mushroom growing in our empty flowerbed.  Mushrooms are just cool.


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Quack Attack!

My wonderful, thoughtful, amazing, sweet, and fun aunt Sandy surprised us with ducklings.

We named them Sandy and Donny, after her and my uncle.

I have to tell you black ducklings are difficult to photograph.  Their tiny black eyes get lost in all the black fluff.

This is Donny.

This is Sandy.

They are adorable

and fun.

Ducks make great pets and give you yummy eggs.

We have no idea if Sandy and Donny are boys, girls or one of each.

I hope we have one of each.

I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Thanks Sandy!



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Pima County Fair 2012

We went to the Pima County Fair the week before last.   To save money we pre-bought each of the boys a pass for 10 rides, from Fry’s.  The passes cost 10 bucks each.  We went the day you could get in with 2 cans of food per person instead of paying 8 bucks per person.

I used my iPhone for all of the pics, because I didn’t feel like lugging my big camera around.

Jeremia and Keegan went off by themselves for most of the time we were there.  They rode all of the big rides while Der and I ushered Ami and Conrad around to the tamer rides.

The above 2 photos are the only ones I took that weren’t in the petting zoo.

I could spend all day in the petting zoo.  We spent a good chunk of time in there when we first got to the fair and then again before we left.  It’s free and always has a ton of cute baby animals.  If stealing wasn’t bad, I totally would’ve smuggled some of those critters out, under my shirt.  Damn morals, always get in the way.

This baby goat could have easily come home with us.

Derek was smitten with the baby goats too.

Ami wished he had more arms so he could pet more animals at a time.  That chicken stayed on the pigs back for a long time.

There’s  a chicken under all those feathers, I promise.

There were 2 wallabies  in there.  They are soft and fast.  I had to be quick with the camera to get this shot.  The wallaby was washing his hands in the water dish.

That’s a llama and an alpaca.  The alpaca stuck to his llama friend like glue.  Baby goats would come and jump on the llama.  He tolerated it for a moment or two then would shoo them off.  It was quite a funny show.

These 2 ducks are called Indian Running Ducks.  Not only do they stand straight up, but when they run it’s practically synchronized.

They love each other.  In fact when Ami picked one up the other became frantic and started crying for his friend.

I want a pair!  Seriously!  I did some research and they not only make great pets, but their egg production rivals most chickens.  I call that a win-win.  I don’t know when I will get a chance to adopt and or buy some, but it will happen.  That’s a promise.


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Ami’s First Field trip

He was so excited.  They went to the zoo. He couldn’t wait to see the ducks.  Right now they have baby lions and a new elephant exhibit with baby elephants, but none of that held a candle to the ducks.

He was thrilled when the ducks started eating out of his hand.

We saw baby ducks too.  I just love babies!

Do you see the size of that Koi?!

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