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Quack Attack!

My wonderful, thoughtful, amazing, sweet, and fun aunt Sandy surprised us with ducklings.

We named them Sandy and Donny, after her and my uncle.

I have to tell you black ducklings are difficult to photograph.  Their tiny black eyes get lost in all the black fluff.

This is Donny.

This is Sandy.

They are adorable

and fun.

Ducks make great pets and give you yummy eggs.

We have no idea if Sandy and Donny are boys, girls or one of each.

I hope we have one of each.

I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Thanks Sandy!



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Eggstra Small

I had a teensy surprise when I opened the lid to the laying box the other day.

I squeaked when I saw it.  We don’t have any hens that typically lay such small eggs, so I was surprised when I saw this itty-bitty nugget.

We average about 5 eggs a day and they are all usually the size of the one on the right.

Upon wondering if it was possible for the egg to be yokeless, I did a google search and discovered that not only is it possible, but they have a special-not-so-appetizing name for such eggs.  They are affectionately referred to as “fart” eggs and are perfectly edible.  I don’t think I could have ever predicted me using fart and edible in the same sentence, but there you have it.  And you-are-so-very-welcome for that useless tidbit.

Aren’t you glad you checked in today?!


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Repurposing An Old Stereo Console

Old stereo consoles are cool looking, but take up so much space.  Since they aren’t compatible with iPods, it makes sense that Goodwill sees a ton of them come through their doors.

We found this gutted one for four bucks at our local GW.  We didn’t know what we were going to use it for when we got it, but I was confident I’d think of something.


A few months later we decided to give our chicken coop an upgrade.

We had nesting boxes, but as I’ve talked about before the hens only used one of the four.  With the old set up, we had to go in to the coop and scrunch down to collect eggs.

I wanted a coop that had easy egg access without having to go in.

Enter gutted stereo console.  We butted it up to a hole in the fence.


Der put in a piece of wood to cover half of the open back.


Voila a nesting box, with easy egg access, was born. The hens seem to love it.  To collect eggs I just open the top of the cabinet and where years ago I would’ve seen a record player, instead I see huevo gold and happiness abounds.


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