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On the way to our Pinetop adventure

We rented a cabin/house in Pinetop/Lakeside last week.  Here are some photos from the drive there…sorry if you’ve already seen some of them on FB.

Is this some sort of rose?  They look like baby apples with green crowns.


The shot below is a closeup of the flowers in the above shot.

Ahhhhh….nature, how I love thee!  Oh and Instagram, I love thee too!


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Crazy Daisies

My “get well” crazy daisies are still hanging tough, over a week after my sister took the boys to pick them out for me.

I love them.  They are so bright and happy!


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Fun At The Library and Flowers

We are participating in the Adventure Pass at the public library.

They have activities and give away prizes and awesome coupons.

Jeremia read one of his favorite books while we made books.

And flowers, because…well why not.

I love the little cross that sticks out of the center.

Happy Friday!


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Mother’s Day 2012

Another great Mother’s Day from my lovely guys!

Oh-so-sweet Der made me breakfast in bed.

He went to the store before I woke up and picked up enough breakfast food to feed an army.  He made me eggs, turkey bacon, a bagel with cream cheese and a half cantaloupe full of berries, grapes and melons.  Luckily the boys helped me eat it, because that was a TON of food!

The boys picked out these gorgeous flowers for me.  I love, love, love orange!

They also got me a cool iPhone case and basket to go on the bicycle I got for my birthday! Pictures of that to come…eventually.

I am spoiled rotten and couldn’t ask for a better family!


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Happy Friday

Are you glad it’s Friday?  I know I am.  I love the weekends mostly because Derek is home.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I think he’s the bees knees AND elbows.

And because I have several posts in the works, but none that are ready, I give you 2 random, but cool (I think) photos.  Enjoy!

This guy was pitching a fit about something.  The noise he made drew me outside to investigate.  I don’t know who he was telling off, but he had a thing or two to say, about a thing or two.  His ginormous self was at the top of one of the trees in the front yard.  I took this shot from my backyard.  As soon as he realized he had paparazzi, he skedaddled.  Goodbye cranky crow.

Blooms from one of our Bird of Paradise bushes.  The flowers are abundant and last for quite a while, hummingbirds and butterflies adore them, and they require very little/if any attention.  They are easy to like.  My favorite is just before they fully bloom, when the shiny red stamen is peeking out of the bright yellow petals.  They look science fictiony to me.



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Scenes From Our Backyard

This little guy has seen better days.  I never realized their bodies have white polka dots.


I feel so blessed that I got to hold him.

Signs of fall.


I bought 2 of these flowering vines on clearance. They’ve been doing really well.


Let’s hope I remember to cover them when the weather calls for freezing temps.

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