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First Day Of School!

I could hear Moms and Dads sighing in relief all across Tucson this morning, as they dropped their kids off at school. I was probably sighing the loudest.

The boys will be engaged, distracted, entertained, getting edumucated, and having fun without any aid from me, for 6 blissful hours, 5 days a week, for the better part of the next 9 months. Ahhhhhhhhh….that feels delightful. Instant stress relief.

Just a few of the things I have not had to utter today are:

“Quit fighting.”

“Inside voices”

“Ami, keep your feet to yourself.”

“Go outside and play.”

“No electronics outside.”

“Because, I said so.”

“Did you wash your hands?”

“Conrad!  Quit yelling.”

“Not in the house.”

“Who ate all the cookies?”

“Hello?! Is anyone listening?”

“Jeremia quit picking on Conrad.”

You get the idea.  It’s quiet and I have gotten a lot done.  I forgot how much you could accomplish when you only have yourself to look after.  I could definitely get used to this.

That said, I can’t wait for them to get home and tell me all about their days.

They politely obliged a few photos this morning.

Conrad’s first name is Derek.  We always knew we’d call him Conrad. I just like the initials DC better than CD.  Not thinking about how it would cause confusion once he started school. He was very excited to meet new friends.

Ami made himself right at home, investigating all of the play stations. Derek helped Ami’s teacher reach her clock and adjust the time and Ami announced very proudly “My Dad fixes cars!”

I could just eat his face, with his 2 bottom, front teeth missing.

I asked Jeremia if he wanted me to drop him off or walk with him to find out where his class is.  He said I could come with him.  Once he found his class though he was politely trying to usher me away.  I snapped a quick pic and scurried away, leaving him to “hang” with his friends before the bell.

Ami’s teacher told me about Office Max”s sale this week.

5 spiral notebooks, 2 boxes of crayons, and 2 packs of pencils for 65 cents!

The spirals are 1 cent each (limit 5), crayons 20 cents (limit 2) and pencils were 10 cents per box (limit 2).  I bought the max, but may go back a few more times.

Teachers pay for most, if not all of their supplies, so it’s nice if parents help.  And when you can get all of this for less than a buck, it makes helping easy.


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