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Jeremia scored a rocket set at Goodwill.  He got $50 worth of rocket gear for a whopping $3!

We went to the park and had some scientific fun with a little physical education thrown in.

He wore lab glasses to make the whole experience feel more authentically geeky.



So fantastically fun and cool and educational!  I highly recommend it.

The science part is launching the rocket.  The P.E. part is running to catch it all the way across the park as it parachutes down.

While they were chasing the last rocket I snapped this shot of the gorgeous sky.



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Nerf War

I am still resting, recovering from my awesomectomy.  I still have tons of awesome left, just in case you were worried.  Any-who I thought I would share some photos of the boys, that I took on the last day of summer vacation.

They took a little break from their indoor noise assault Nerf war, to ham it up.

Gavin was in attendance and as you can see he fits right in.

Ami’s weapon of choice was that helicopter spinner/bomb.


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Monday always comes too fast!



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A Different Kind Of Paper Airplane

All you need is,

Paper (cut into strips)

Plastic straws



I found some extra-long straws at the dollar store, but regular size ones work too.

I cut the paper into 1″ strips lengthwise with my paper-cutter, for the rear loop.  The front loop is long strips cut in half, and the middle one is somewhere between the 2.

Then you just tape the loops.  Don’t block the straw hole, or tape it so tight that the straw collapses.

Conrad’s friend, Gavin, was over for the day and was happy to make planes too.

They only take a minute to make.  The boys quickly decided bigger’s better.

They went from being little planes to being ships.

Big or small, they glide through the air quite nicely.  These would be fun to launch off of something tall so they could have a longer drift time.


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Tucson Children’s Museum 2012

The children’s museum has a new exhibit.  It’s beyond cool!

These tubes have air pushing through them and dampers you can open and close to make the airflow change directions.  When you put a scarf or sponge ball in the tube it shoots through the hoses and come flying out of different opening, depending on which dampers you had closed.  We could have played with that thing for hours, but we had to share with the other museum goers.  We want one for the house.  It was a blast!

Everyone was running around, catching balls and putting them back in so it was hard to get photos.  The blurs are scarves and sponge balls as they fall from the shoots.

This table shot air out of those movable tubes and the balls would hover in the air stream.

Or as Jeremia likes to remember it, he uses “the force” to keep the ball up.

Ami loved this tube filled with tiny styrofoam balls.  There was a knob he was turning to make the balls bounce to different sound waves.

Derek drew me an eggbird in the art corner. I love the bird and the man who drew him!

Jeremia built a tomb at the block table.

My favorite exhibit we played with that day was the giant prism box, because it was so much fun to photograph.

It was a long box full of mirrors with open ends on both sides.

We had a ton of fun!  Thanks for the free passes Brooke!


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Lollies and a Challenge

Here they look all sweet and innocent with their giant jawbreaker lollies, but as you can see in the following photo it’s a farce.

They are lolly devouring monsters.  Der and I mistakenly thought these would last them the whole summer.  Not long after they got these, Jeremia, who didn’t want his picture taken with his lolly, broke out the hammer and made quick work of the monster jawbreakers.

In the photos below you witness Ami and Conrad diligently listening to my “stay out of the water” order.

When I told them to stay out of the water, I didn’t realize I had actually issued a challenge.

Conrad asked me today when this super long weekend was going to be over, because he wants to go back to school.  Not long and I am counting the days.

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A Week In Instagram

We took the boys to Breakers Waterpark.   I never thought I would be that old fuddy-duddy who is perfectly content to sit in the wave pool or lounge chair, while everyone else goes on all of the slides, but I am.  I went down one slide and that was plenty for me.  Der, who is clearly more adventurous than I, took the boys on all of the slides and had a blast.  I was perfectly content to sit and people watch.

Watching a storm build up.  I love the monsoon season!

Fun zebra graffiti.

When Kinex get left on my desk…

We painted the front of our house.  I love the colors, but I wish the grey were darker.  It was supposed to be, but Der and I chickened out at the last moment and bought lighter grey.  Now as penance for being scaredy cats, I either get to be filled with regret every time I look at it, or we get to repaint.  Der says it looks fine, which is code for “I don’t want to paint anymore.”

I shared this on FB, but had to share it here too, because it’s too brilliant not to.

Ami’s flipflop broke while we were out and about, and this was Der’s solution.


life rearranged

I linked up with LifeRearranged.  Go check it out!


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Cornstarch Sidewalk Chalk Paint

I saw this on Pinterest, and had to try it.  I swear I don’t spend all day on Pinterest, though I probably could.

I mixed up the chalk paint like the recipe said.  1 part cornstarch 1 part water and then I just added food coloring until I liked the saturation level.

It was all very pretty to look at.

Then I called Jeremia out to paint by himself.  I felt like he needed a break from his brothers.

As you can tell by his smile, I was right.

It was HOT outside, like 110 degrees HOT! The paint dried almost as soon as it hit the ground.  This project would be better suited for a cooler day, but we’ve been so busy lately, I felt like it was now or never.

I didn’t even bother to clean the pine needles off of the driveway.

When JP was done painting his potted plant, I called Ami and Conrad out for their turn.

I always ask Conrad why he doesn’t put shorts on instead of jeans, when it’s so hot and he says “I just like pants”.  I say “Suit yourself goofball.”

The painting was fun-ish, but it was frustrating how quickly it dried.  It would be a great project for cooler weather.

The best part about the whole thing was when we decided to have a chalk paint race.

I dumped the paint out, on the downhill part of our driveway, and we watched the colors run together, and made guesses on which color would go the farthest.  Orange won.

It was seriously fun.  And gorgeous.

When Derek got home, he took special care  and tried not to park on it, because it was so cool looking.

I took this one with Instagram.  If you haven’t tried Instagram, you should.  It’s just another way too addicting modern marvel.

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