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Ami Turns 6

Ami’s birthday was last week.   The morning of, he wondered aloud who all was going to come for his birthday.  Confused, I asked him what he meant, and reminded him it was just going to be the 5 of us.  He said he’d invited everyone in his class on the last day of school.  Uh Oh!  I told him that they didn’t know when it was and he assured me he told them all it was June, 14th.  Oh my sweet, sweet little boy.  We had a discussion about invitations, and how parents needed things written down so they would know when and where.  He took it pretty well, but my heart was broken for him.

So we took a surprise trip to the pool.  Swimming makes everything better.

When it came time to decide what he wanted for dinner, he was torn between Texas Roadhouse and Golden Corral Buffet.   It’s a hard call which is cooler, the all you can eat dessert that Golden Corral offers, or the fact that you can throw peanut shells on the floor at Texas Roadhouse.  Dessert won.

All you can eat cotton candy is a great incentive to eat all of your vegetables!

I can’t help but wonder when Ami and Conrad will stop using their shirts for napkins.

Sugar overload!  And I’ll take a rain-check on that kiss thank-you-very-much!

After we were all sugared up, it was time for games, lots and lots of video games!

Those eyes!  Those lashes!  Those apple cheeks! That toothless grin!

I love his face!

It was a great day to turn 6!




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