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Jeremia scored a rocket set at Goodwill.  He got $50 worth of rocket gear for a whopping $3!

We went to the park and had some scientific fun with a little physical education thrown in.

He wore lab glasses to make the whole experience feel more authentically geeky.



So fantastically fun and cool and educational!  I highly recommend it.

The science part is launching the rocket.  The P.E. part is running to catch it all the way across the park as it parachutes down.

While they were chasing the last rocket I snapped this shot of the gorgeous sky.



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Amazing Homemade R2D2 Costume

Jeremia loves, loves, loves Star Wars, so when he found this homemade costume at Goodwill, he was thrilled.

The price was too steep for me, so I snapped a few shots with my phone, and we will make our own.

Whoever created this is a genius!

Now we just need to be on the lookout for a cheap, white, plastic trash can and a large metal mixing bowl.

Ami and Conrad have declared that they want to be R2D2 now also.  We’ll see what Jeremia has to say about that, since I doubt he wants to be all matchy-matchy with his brothers for Halloween.


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Say Hello To My New Friend

She’s my newest dress form.  I like her imperfections.


Thanks Goodwill!


I have no idea how old she is.  She has no markings.  Google did not help. Anybody have a guess?


I love the painted fence so much.  It makes the perfect backdrop.  I hope you aren’t tired of seeing it yet.





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Ben’s Bells

If you don’t know the story of Ben’s Bells you should click here.

I have wanted a Ben’s Bell since I found out about them.

Twice a year volunteers hang these signature bells randomly around Tucson for passersby to find and keep. They are in memory of a little boy name Ben (I have a soft spot for Bens) and serve as a reminder that we should be kind just for the sake of it.

I found one.  Not where I imagined I would, but at Goodwill. Though I have no idea why anyone would want to get rid of their bell, I was happy to snatch it up.  I may have even gasped, but that could also be because I saw it as I was tripping into the display of windchimes where it was buried.


Now it hangs happily on our back porch.

I love it.  I love it.  I love it.


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Topic of Tucson

Derek and I imagine that “Topic of Tucson” was an old local news show from the 70’s or 80’s.  Part of the fun of shopping at Goodwill is making up stories to go with what you find. We Googled “Topic of Tucson” but haven’t found anything.  Do any of my readers who have lived here for a while know?

In any case I have found my new Burt’s Bees lip balm holder. I have an obsene amount of the stuff. Can you say addicted?! I can’t help it.  I hate chapped lips.

I have inexplicable love for this petite mug and for 50 cents, it’s hard to go wrong.  The sun vaguely reminds me of 80’s Madonna.

PS  Why don’t keyboards have a cent sign?  I have needed it more than once. And why does spell check tell me cent is not a word?  Get a grip spellcheck!



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To hang a shelf.

Hanging stuff is a team project for Derek and I.

It goes something like this:

He holds whatever we’re hanging and follows my directions.

“To the right and up just a scoach.  Not that much!  Ok now, just a hair to the left.” and so on

Then I hold it and make him look…like he really cares.  He just plays along and pretends that it matters to him that the frame or whatever is a hair too far to the left. He goes with it because it makes me happy.

He holds it for me again and I mark it.

Finally he hammers or drills, whichever the job calls for, and hangs whatever.

I step back, scrunch up my face, apologetically announce I don’t like it and he tries really hard not to groan and roll his eyes as we start the process again.

It’s not fun for him, but he handles it like a champ.


My sister gave us a big, oak, hanging shelf a few weeks back.  Derek being the wondrous man he is sanded and painted said shelf for me.  I didn’t even ask.  He’s super sweet like that.

I was impressed with his clever hanging method.  After he found the studs with his handy-dandy stud finder, he marked them with painters tape so he knew exactly where he could drill without question.

Poor Der.  After he hung it, I was hemming and hawing about whether I liked it.  I have decided to leave it for now because I am tired of messing with it.  We will make adjustments another day.  Something for him to look forward to.

Everything besides the shelf came from Goodwill.  I bet you knew I was going to say that.  The ceramic fork was brown with orange and yellow mushrooms painted on it.  The frame is a heavy hunk of metal and in its previous life was gold and held a creepy picture of a crying baby. The square tin is just an old cookie tin.

The shelf holds my old Pyrex dish set and some of my favorite vintage bowls.  The little papers inside the frame are cards from a memory game.

This cool vintage souvenir drink glass sits on the telephone shelf to the right of my light shelf.  She holds some spray painted twigs from the back yard.

I love her.

PS. Check yourself Spellcheck because scoach and scrunch ARE TOO words.  Lame-o.

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Goodies from Goodwill.

I am having an obsession with red and turquoise.  I keep telling myself to reel it in.  I am going to put too much in the house and then ruin my love for it. The other part of me tells me to relax, have fun and if I want to have red and turquoise in every cotton-pickin’ room then so be it.!  It’s like the devil and angel scenario but I can’t tell who is who.

That’s not what this post is about though.  This post is about my other obsession, Goodwill.

Look at how good she’s been to me.

I have wanted a dress form for a long time.  I pictured me having something more vintage with a stand, but RED!  You had me at hello!

I love this globe. Trying to decide If I am going to paint the base white or leave it as is.

The mason jars I got from Goodwill a few years ago.  Derek found me the buttons just the other day.  Ami and I sat with muffin tins and sorted them all by color. That was surprisingly relaxing.  I was actually sad when we were done.

These were all bought on separate trips. I decided it was time to put them and other awesome finds together.

Everything in this picture was bought at  Goodwill (except the papers and pens).

We painted the desk and recovered the seat on the right.

I love finding all of these little treasures separately and bringing them together.  And you know it was all cheap or else I wouldn’t have bought it.

The whole thing makes me giddy!


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