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Random Photos

Just a bunch of random photos that have nothing to do with each other.


I like how the kids look like fire.  They were running in circles, creating a whirlpool.

Der dangling, just to see if he still could.

Piper “flying”.  Uncle Der would hold her in front of the vent so her hair would blow and we would all make flying noises.  It’s the simple things in life!

Waiting for swimming lessons to begin.  It sure was bright!

This may be a sign that we watch too much Judge Judy around here.  Jeremia drew up a contract for Conrad and him to sign.

It says, “This contract states that Conrad Petz will give me (Jeremia Petz) a Halo guy, if I shoot one bullet out of a Nerf gun, while standing up against a wall, but I have to hit the target on the other side of the room.”.

They even did thumbprints in red ink, not blood, thank goodness.  The Halo guy in question is under the signatures.

This, as I suspected, all ended in a fight.

Jeremia thinks he’s a cat.

A little something I made for my niece Cassie.  She’s going to be a mama any day now!  I can’t wait to meet little Sophia Christine!

A really cool window display at one of our local Bookman’s.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video this is based on, check it out…

Cool, no?!

Happy Friday everyone!



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