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Tape Thank You Cards

With Ami’s birthday in June we had some thank you cards to send out.

We worked on them in shifts over a 3 day period.

Ami gets super whiny if he has to write more than 2 sentences in 1 sitting.  He’s in for a rude awakening, when he starts first grade, but for now, I’m choosing to pick my battles.  I want him to think of writing thank you cards as something fun, not a chore.

I had him write his thank yous on lined paper.

Later I cut them out and we used glue stick to attach them to the inside of each card.

The cards were different colors of card stock folded in half.

I found this cute rainbow duct tape in a half roll.  We still have tons left.

Ami absolutely loved the taping part.

I made him a sample one for reference.  Then I cut off pieces of tape and handed them to him for him to stick down.

Also pictured is Conrad’s page of practice words from our weekly spelling test.

Please forgive the bad flash photography.  I definitely prefer taking photos in natural light, but we’ve been so busy nighttime was the only time we had to do this.

He was super proud of the finished product!

I could gobble him up, he’s so cute!

The finished cards fit perfectly in half size manilla envelopes.  I found a package of 6 in white at the dollar store.




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Quick and Easy Thank You Cards

We had a stellar Christmas and even though we are halfway through January we just sent out our thank you cards for our gifts.  It’s never too late to say thank you.

For these thank you cards I folded cardstock in half and cut them to fit some spare card envelopes I had on hand.


We put the ink pads I scored at Goodwill to use for this project.

I had the kids each spell out “Thank you” using their finger prints.  Jeremia had an easy time of it.  Conrad had to do a practice one and Ami needed a little help from Dad.


Making the letters wasn’t hard, but getting the spacing right proved to be a challenge.



After they finished the outside, I told them they could make any fingerprint creature they wanted, except a bird since that’s what we put on our Christmas cards.  Then we passed them all around so we all had a chance to “sign” them.





Fingerprint art is so much fun and the possibilities are endless.

Jeremia did aliens. I did piggies. Conrad and Ami switched it up doing people, aliens, robots and finally caterpillars. Der did adorable jumping people.

We had fun and laughed a lot.  Good times!

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Photo Thank You Card

First I took shots of Conrad blowing a kiss.  I had him hold the pose for a couple of shots each and then chose my faves.



A better mom than me probably would have made their kid wash his hands first.  I am hoping the dirty finger nails and “Dynamite” stamp add character though.


Then I uploaded my photos to Snapfish and created a 4×6 collage print.

For 6 prints, I paid a grand total of 56 cents (I was lucky enough to catch a free shipping sale). 5 of the prints were to mail as cards the 6th was for us to keep.


When the prints came I cut sticker paper into sheets that were ever-so-slightly smaller than 4×6.


Conrad loves to color so I just let him draw whatever he wanted.  The only requirements were that he write his name and thank you.



He did a great job and I love how all of the drawings are different.  Then he told me who got what drawing, I stuck them on the backs of the photos and we sent them off.

The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the stickers squarely and smoothly stuck to the backs of the photos, that’s why it helps if they are slightly smaller than the print.

I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to do the same with all of the thank you cards from now on.

Now you try!

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Easy Thank You Cards For Kids

*Update* If you are a visitor from Pinterest, thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to check out the other thank you card ideas I’ve posted, as well as a bunch of fun crafts for kids.  And please come back often!  

We are usually terrible about sending thank you cards.  I am trying to change that.

I wanted to send cards that Ami had created thanking people for his Birthday presents, but didn’t want him to get bored and wanted it to be fun for him.  After a bit of brainstorming this is what I came up with.

What I used:

Scrap pieces of decent water-color paper.


Painters tape


Please pardon the bad lighting in these pics.

I used scraps that worked with my standard business letter  envelopes.

   I creased them to keep track of where the edges were.

Using blue painters tape torn in half, I spelled out Thank you.  I didn’t get fussy about it. I did make sure to smooth and secure each piece though.

I love that expression.

The rules were no black, fill in all the white, and used lots of different colors.  He was happy to oblige.

When the cards were dry I took dictation from Ami on the back, then had him write his name at the bottom of the note.  I didn’t think to snap a shot of that though.

I think they turned out super cute and can’t wait for the mailman to deliver them.

While Ami was working on that I let Jeremia and Conrad paint whatever they wanted.

I put tape around the edges of the paper to create a nice clean frame of white when it’s dry.

Jeremia made his drip on purpose. Conrad painted 2 and when Ami was done with the cards he painted one also, but got tired of painting so started complaining that his legs were hurting. This is a tactic he uses when he doesn’t want to do something.

Time to brush his teeth—his legs hurt.

Bedtime—“oh my legs”

Doesn’t want to eat dinner—“I can’t my legs are hurting”

I told him today that he can say he doesn’t want to paint anymore instead of saying he hurts.  “Oh ok. Can I go swimming then.”

I am not suggesting that there aren’t times that his legs do really hurt, but he has learned that leg pain gets him out of stuff so has started using that excuse to the extreme.  I am wise to his ways though.


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