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Photos from Tucson Children’s Museum 11/12

The are from when Keegan came to visit, before shipping out to Germany.

Jeremia loves grossing me out, and this definitely did.

We had a lot of fun with this mural.

Conrad beginning to build a masterpiece.

Ami, and Jeremia working together to make tunnels for ping pong balls to shoot out of.

Keeg and his friend Nick playing with the caterpillar tree.

Look at all of the Keegan faces to eat!

These boys are the greatest!  So much fun was had by all!


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Tucson Children’s Museum 2012

The children’s museum has a new exhibit.  It’s beyond cool!

These tubes have air pushing through them and dampers you can open and close to make the airflow change directions.  When you put a scarf or sponge ball in the tube it shoots through the hoses and come flying out of different opening, depending on which dampers you had closed.  We could have played with that thing for hours, but we had to share with the other museum goers.  We want one for the house.  It was a blast!

Everyone was running around, catching balls and putting them back in so it was hard to get photos.  The blurs are scarves and sponge balls as they fall from the shoots.

This table shot air out of those movable tubes and the balls would hover in the air stream.

Or as Jeremia likes to remember it, he uses “the force” to keep the ball up.

Ami loved this tube filled with tiny styrofoam balls.  There was a knob he was turning to make the balls bounce to different sound waves.

Derek drew me an eggbird in the art corner. I love the bird and the man who drew him!

Jeremia built a tomb at the block table.

My favorite exhibit we played with that day was the giant prism box, because it was so much fun to photograph.

It was a long box full of mirrors with open ends on both sides.

We had a ton of fun!  Thanks for the free passes Brooke!


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Tucson Children’s Museum

Our friend Brooke sent us free passes!  Thanks Brooke!

Children’s museums are awesome!  TCM has tons of cool stuff!  It’s like a giant playfest.

There’s a real police motorcycle and the front half of an old fire engine, both have functioning lights and sirens and costumes to go with them.  JP right before he took his turn on the motorcycle.  He was so happy to be there and very eager to get his picture taken.  That was a pleasant surprise for me.

This wall is amazing!  It a bunch up PVC tubes with magnets on them so they can be positioned to make a path for plastic golf balls.  It’s right up my boys alley.  They played with this for a good half hour before other kids came along and they let them have their turn.


And I wish I had a better shot of this.  These are shelves recessed into to walls.  I simply love the look with the frames.  I wish I had space to do this in my house.

Life size game of operation=awesome!

I love Ami’s socks.

Conrad really had a lot of fun in the market area.  He play shopped and prepared this little feast long after Ami and Jeremia had lost interest and moved on.

JP was seeing how much he could make me laugh while pretending to be a vet.

He is quite the character and had me rolling.

And outside!  Can you believe it?!  How amazeballs is this? Huge tinker toys!  I say YES please and thanks!

He’s been drinking milk.

The boys worked as a team to make this cool fort. It was a fun way to keep the kids engaged for a few hours.



















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