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A Different Kind Of Paper Airplane

All you need is,

Paper (cut into strips)

Plastic straws



I found some extra-long straws at the dollar store, but regular size ones work too.

I cut the paper into 1″ strips lengthwise with my paper-cutter, for the rear loop.  The front loop is long strips cut in half, and the middle one is somewhere between the 2.

Then you just tape the loops.  Don’t block the straw hole, or tape it so tight that the straw collapses.

Conrad’s friend, Gavin, was over for the day and was happy to make planes too.

They only take a minute to make.  The boys quickly decided bigger’s better.

They went from being little planes to being ships.

Big or small, they glide through the air quite nicely.  These would be fun to launch off of something tall so they could have a longer drift time.


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Remember those diodes I found thrifting?

Well I fiddled with them and made these:

I have no idea what to do with these delicate creations, but had fun making them.  There are still a gazillion of them left, so I wonder what else I will think of.

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Easy Homemade Stickers

Due to my old broken book fetish, and general love of all things paper, I have accumulated quite the collection of paper.  As you all know I have made beads, bowls, jewelry, creatures, and more with my abundant paper supply.  I am always on the lookout for what else I can make with my medium of choice.  Recently I came upon someone with handmade stickers made using vintage maps.  I got to thinking how I could make my own.

Here’s what I used:

Cute, fun, or interesting paper

Full sheet sticker labels-These can be pricey.  I luckily had some leftover from fundraising projects we did years ago.

Die punches- These can also be spendy.  To save fundage on these I waited until they went on sale at Michael’s for 50% off.

A glue stick *Edit*  I have discovered that rubber cement is much more reliable.  With the glue stick there is a 50/50 chance it will give out.  No matter what glue you use, it is imperative to peel the sticker away from the backing slowly and carefully.

First, I cut the sticker paper to size with my chosen paper.

Next, I thoroughly coated the back of my paper with glue, being careful to cover the entire thing.

Then, I slowly smoothed the glued side of the paper onto the label, pressing firmly.

Finally, I punched out my shape.

Voila!  A one of a kind, super cute sticker was born!

And then I kept going…

and going…

and going.

I was unstoppable.

These are going to go on the summer craft list for the boys.  I know we have some chewed up Dr. Suess books, courtesy of a certain rotten dog named Bug, that would lend themselves nicely to fun stickers for the boys.

If you like the stickers, but don’t want to fuss with making them, check out my Etsy shop and buy some for yourself.  Each sticker is guaranteed to be a one of a kind.  They would be great for letter seals, scrapbooking or just adding cuteness to any old thing.

AND, because I love you, I will be giving away 30 stickers to a random commenter.  So leave a comment and you could be 30 stickers richer by the end of the week!  Don’t be shy, you know you want them!

You have until midnight Wednesday, May 9th to enter.  I will use a random number generator to choose the winner and announce it on Thursday.

Good luck and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

Shout out to the “Hunger Games” for being a good read and super quotable.

** Update 5/9/12 

I’ve decided to extend the timeline for the sticker giveaway.  You now have until midnight, May 14th to enter.  This will allow late readers time to enter.  I’ll announce the wiener (snort, snort) Tuesday the 15th.   Don’t think that you can’t enter to win just because we know each other.  So far I know at least 50% of my readers on some level.  Some of you are old friends from school, some are cancer world friends, some are family-don’t let that stop you.  The winner will be chosen at random.   Oh and don’t worry, commenting doesn’t sign you up for mailing lists or any other such nonsense.  And free stuff is always awesome, soooo enter, enter, enter!


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Creative ADD and I Love My Husband

I have creative ADD.  I lose focus too easily.  I work on a project full throttle until I think of another project that seems like more fun.  Then I skip to the new idea until it becomes boring and I abandon it for a third creative endeavor.  This cycle goes round and round.  I keep 3 or 4 projects (at least) going until one by one they either get finished or forgotten.

Most of the time I have more ideas than I can process.

Here are just a few of the things I am “working” on now.

Covering my stained and battered dress dummy with vintage patterns.

I will finish her…the question is when.

Making paper bowls using tissue paper and/or book pages.

They are really cool, but take a llllooooonnnnnnggggg time and are MESSY.

There is a lot of time spent waiting for them to dry enough for the next layer.

They needed a few more layers, but I was tired of the clutter.

Just look at my “desk”.

Then there’s this cool bracelet.

It’s actually an empty roll of duct tape that I wrapped with embroidery floss.  I wanted to finish it the rest of the way with black, to create a checkered effect, but I am not 100% pleased with it so can’t motivate myself to finish it.

I have Der saving empty tape rolls for me at work, in case I decide to try making more.

Speaking of Der.  I asked him how I could drill holes in silverware for another potential project I have.  The next thing I knew he had set up his drill press and grinder on the back patio for me. He is so helpful.

If I have an idea, but am unsure how to make it happen he always helps.  AND he doesn’t lose patience with me when I switch from one thing to another on a whim. NOR does he pester me about my creative messes.

How did I get so lucky?

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Vibrant Paper Cows

I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought it would make a great art project for the boys.


Using that as a reference I drew an outline of a cow and cut it out for a template.

I centered and traced the template onto 12×12 pieces of bright scrapbook paper.  Then cut them out with an exacto knife because I wanted the outside frame of the cow to be intact.

I also cut the cardstock into strips all different widths.

I did all the prep work the night before.


The boys each got a sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper to glue the strips on. I gave them black or white because we don’t use those colors very often.  It would be a good way to use any paper you don’t like, since it won’t show.

I had them use glue sticks because when I made mine I used elmer’s and it got crinkly.



The rules were not to leave any gaps and to vary the colors and widths.


They did great.

After they were done gluing the strips I gave them the cow negative to glue on top.




They are so bright and cheerful.

I think they are adorable and they were fun, quick and simple.



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