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Popsicle Stick Bracelets

When I saw this pin on Pinterest for popsicle stick bracelets, I knew the boys and I had to try it.

First, I soaked them in my paper boiling pan overnight.  Once they were nice and pliable, I gently bent them into the smallest glasses I have.  There were plenty of fragile casualties as seen on the counter.

I let the wet sticks sit in their glasses for a whole day.

They are supposed to be cuff bracelets, but ours didn’t turn into cuffs.  Instead they were kind of half bracelets.  I think It was because the sticks I used were thinner and shorter than the ones from Pinterest.  The cuff bracelets would have been more successful with tongue depressors, I think.

Instead of starting the hole project over again, with different sticks, I improvised.

I dremeled holes in the ends of the sticks to lace embroidery floss through and the cuff problem was solved.

The boys colored them with sharpies.

I don’t know why Conrad and Jeremia look so unenthused.  I guess they just weren’t in smiling moods.

After they were all done coloring their sticks, I clear coated them with spray paint.  I did that because I’d gotten my prototype bracelet wet while wearing it and it started losing it’s curve.  The clear coat helps keep that from happening.

All in all it was a pretty simple and cute project.


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Let’s Paint The Fence

Our backyard fence is a hodgepodge of old bits that were here when we moved in and new bits we added with scraps from the old house.  Eventually we will get around to replacing the whole thing, but it is near the bottom of a veerrrry long list.

I didn’t take any before shots today. I was all caught up in the creative genius of the moment.  If I think of an idea, it’s best  I spring on it immediately or the moment will pass…especially if the moment involves paint.

For before pics I scrounged these up:



Conrad and Ami helped me.  Jeremia came and checked out what we were doing, but determined he had more pressing matters that involved the television.

A and C were both very focussed.  It’s been too long since we have done anything artsy and they were in the zone.



We were far from fussy…probably about as far from fussy as you can get without having a paint fight.



We painted around the yard/fence art, shifting it from side to side but never moved anything completely out to the way.



The whole thing from start to clean up took about 30 minutes.  Not bad!


I love it, love it, love it!  It is so cheery and fun and makes me think of popsicle sticks!


We used the leftover watered-down paint from the batik wind sock project so it was free and resourceful which are two of my favorite things!



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