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Backyard Texture Rubbings

I peeled and broke crayons, something I am always telling the boys not to do, but it was for a good cause.

We had fun and they learned, which is always a good combination.

I cut standard sized, black and white, construction paper into fourths and broke the peeled crayons into thirds.  I stocked up on crayons with the back to school sales, so super cheap!

I encouraged them to try both black and white paper and helped them decide what colors would show up the best on the black paper.  It was fun, but they definitely prefered the white paper.

I reminded them not to do this without paper.The table-cloth, aka sheet, shows hints of another project we did that I will be posting about soon….fingers crossed.

Some of the things we rubbed were:



Wrought Iron

Tree Trunks


A Rake


A mailbox



The Pool

The Ground

Anything and everything we could think of.

A blissful, argument free hour went by before we knew it.  Boredom was annihilated and brains were expanded and enriched.  Good times!

Now you try it!


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