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Tucson Festival of Books…sort of

Last weekend we went to the giant Festival of Books here in Tucson.  We had never been before, but heard wonderful things about it.  I brought my camera but only snapped 2 shots and they were while we were walking to the festival.  Once there, we were so busy visiting the booths and maneuvering through the crowds that I didn’t even think about my camera.

I don’t generally care for crowd bathing.   I usually steer clear when confronted with a sea of people, but my curiosity was peaked so we braved the throng.  I am glad we did.  The boys had so much fun and learned a ton of cool stuff.  They got to pet snakes and a tortoise, spin wheels for prizes, make DNA strands from licorice and marshmallows, plant seeds, got free books, learned how stars (the ones in the sky) are born and a ton of other cool stuff.

We will go back next year, but probably first thing in the morning.

Here are the two photos I took.

I love his little smirk.  He has since had a haircut and hates me for it.

Conrad has more ham and cheese than a delicatessen and Ami is just sweet.

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