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Oh Sweet Rain

Saturday was a hot day.  The temperature was over 100 degrees.  The weather forecast called for more dry heat.

Out of nowhere the sky started to darken and then it began to pour.

The temperature dropped 30 degrees in just minutes.

I love the reflection of our fence in the puddle.

The puddle quickly turned into a small lake.

It poured for a while and even hailed.

Goofy chickens.  They did run for shelter when it started to hail though.

The fence is SO vibrant when it’s wet.

I had been having a particularly rough couple of days and the rain was just what I needed.  It may sound cheesy, but rain soothes my soul.

Ami and Conrad were happy to have mud to play in.

Those are flecks of dried mud all over Ami’s face.  He looks like a beach kid with his tan and sun bleached hair.

Conrad said “Wanna hug?”.  I said “No thanks, toad”.

This was followed by an Arizona bath, that’s when the kids strip down and run around naked while dad sprays them with the hose. Good times!


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Der set up the pool last weekend to the cheers of us all.

He couldn’t get the hose to stay in the pool, so the tree gave him a hand.

I do so love functional art.


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