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Spray Paint Makes Everything Better

I think so anyway.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  I took photos for a friend on Saturday. That was fun.  I will share some of them later this week.

Sunday I woke up with a nasty headache that stuck around all day.  Yuck!

Today Ami is home with a fever.  Double yuck!

Tomorrow Derek leaves for a 4 day conference in Vegas. Triple yuck!

It’s only Monday and I can’t wait for the weekend.

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Thrifted Kitchen Island

Usually when I find a piece of furniture at a thrift store I hem and haw, consult Der, then hem and haw some more.  Then Der either talks me into or out of buying it.   Not this time.  I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  I also knew that if Der had been with me he would have had a hard time hiding his doubt in my vision.  He’s a great sport and usually goes along with whatever floats my boat, but sometimes he just thinks I am bonkers.


These bad pictures don’t do justice to the grossness, but they give you some small idea.


It was filthy, had useless junk screwed to it, had chewed up pieces of gum (gag) stuck on the underside,  even has 2 holes drilled through the laminate top, not to mention the fact that kids, I assume, had carved stuff into the top.  I saw through all of that and had the guys at the shop load it into the back of my truck.

When Der got home he helped me carry it into the house.  I scoured it, got all of the gum and tape off of it and unscrewed the useless junk attached to it (some sort of lock box and a laminate panel on the side). Then I put our giant cutting board over the holes and put cube shelves underneath for all of our pots and pans.


We used to have a stainless steel cart for an island.  It served us well, but was impossible to keep clean, was too small and all of the pans clanked loudly whenever you bumped it.  This is much more functional and user-friendly.



Some of the carvings are still visible on the top, but they don’t bother me too much.  If I find red laminate to replace the top I definitely will, but until then I am perfectly happy with my $50 island.  And Der has told me a dozen times how much he likes it.

Tomorrow: Christmas Thank You Card…for real this time.


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