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Happy 2nd Birthday Simplywe!

I’m supposed to be doing my homework, so naturally I am using this time to check my email, fb and simplywe.  And though I wish I was still doing my homework and didn’t have the attention span of a gnat, I’m glad I checked because I almost missed Simplywe’s birthday!  SW came to be 2 years ago today!

I have been so busy with everything else in my life, I didn’t plan anything.  This should be where I put a montage of some of my favorite photos, but if I get lost in looking at old photos now, I’ll never do my homework.  I must fight the procrastination…clearly I am not as successful as I would like.

So instead I will share hiking photos, and a few from my solo trip to Prescott.

I took all of these with my iPhone, as I sent my Canon to Keegan in Germany.  I think he will get more use out of it than I will, since I haven’t used it in months.  The iPhone is so much more convenient.

These 1st 3 are from my trip to Prescott.

It rained and rained and rained the whole time I was there, mostly misty rain.  It was beautiful.  The fog was intense.  This fog was at 4 in the afternoon.

This one is from the hike we took at orientation.  How many colleges go on a hike as part of orientation?  I think I have chosen wisely.

The other weekend Der and I took a 5.2 mile hike in Tucson Mountain Park.

These are from our new favorite part of the park.

I don’t know why this one is so grainy, but I sure do love that guy!

The small upcropping of buildings, in the far off distance, is downtown Tucson.

Der and I make a good hiking team.

The rest of these are from various hiking trips.

Bug loves her hikes.

I’ve painted several batches of rocks and left them in random places on the trail.

I like to imagine the finders curious smile when they wonder who did that.

Happy Birthday Simplywe!

I heart Tucson!



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More Fun With Instagram

Donny is almost all grown up.  His voice is changing and every time I hear him half chirp, half quack, I think of Peter Brady’s “When it’s time to change.” song, from the Brady Bunch.  P.S.  When I was little, I wanted to live with the Brady family SOOOOO bad.

His little nubby wings are starting to get real feathers.  I can’t help but think that this looks like an uncomfortable process.  It has to hurt.

I adore watercolors!  They make me happy and fill me with the desire to get my art on.

Arizona sunsets are unbeatable!  So are desert trail bike rides! (not pictured)

I love the perspective of this shot.  I had my phone laying on the ground, angled ever-so-slightly up.  Ami’s serious expression is my favorite.

Happy mushroom growing in our empty flowerbed.  Mushrooms are just cool.


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I Heart Tucson

I love the desert

Yes, I do!

I love the desert

How ’bout you?

Sure it’s hotter than all get out, but it’s drop dead gorgeous. And the monsoon clouds make my heart pitter patter.

We have been hiking and exploring a lot!  Somewhere between 6 and 7 it stops feeling like your skin might melt off and becomes quite pleasant outside.

These were all shot this week just around the corner from our house.  I like the feeling of living somewhere between the city and the country.  I have always been torn between the convenience of city life and the pull of nature.  I think we have found the perfect compromise.

Der and I were fascinated with the moss.  We are simple folk.

Sometimes hiking provides a nice, budget friendly, break from the kids, and other days it is a great way to have family time.  Both are equally important.

They kept trying to stop and wait for me and I kept shooing them on.  I love that they are all wearing different colored bright shirts.

Everything had a pink cast on it this day.  We made it home about 30 seconds before the clouds burst.

The shot above was facing NorthEast and the shot below was West, obviously, and were taken about 5 minutes apart.  It’s just crazy how different the view of the sky is depending on what direction you are facing.

We love it here!




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