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Loveliness In Our Backyard

The purple and the magenta flowers in this hanging basket make me happy.  As an added bonus, the petunias smell like vanilla.

This little lady is a Pyrrhuloxia.  They come at dusk most nights.  This was the first time I was able to get a photo of one.  Usually I run to get my cameral and they disappear before I get back.  They are beautiful, pudgy birds.  The males have red on their chests and around their beaks and are gorgeous.  But my favorite thing about them is their song.  It reminds me of space invaders sound effects and makes me laugh every time I hear it

We have 5 big, old rusty wheels in our backyard.  We got them from a junkman a few years ago for super cheap.  I love them so.

Rust can be so pretty.


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